Landscaping & Building Materials

Landscaping & Building Materials

Landscaping & Building Material Products

Are you a contractor in search of landscaping materials to finish off your latest project? Let the staff at County Line Supply Yard help. Whether you're looking for pipe fittings, weed control fabrics or lawn installation products, our courteous staff will help you find what you need to get the job done. 

From homeowners to landscapers, we help everyone who needs our advice, recommendations, or knowledge on any and all products that we carry in-house

What We Have

Our landscaping products include the following:
  • Pipe and fittings (various sizes)
  • Various grass seeds
  • Straw available by the bale
  • Landscape fabric by foot or roll
  • Stone gabions (wire mesh cages)
  • Erosion-control products
Make County Line Supply Yard your go-to source for your landscaping and building needs. We have more than just dyed mulch and topsoil. We carry what you need to make your residential property or your client’s commercial property safe, healthy, and visually appealing. 
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