Natural & Dyed Mulch for Pittsburgh, PA

To keep your plants’ roots cooler in the summertime and prevent frost-heaving from pushing your plants up from the ground in the winter, consider adding mulch to your landscape. Mulch is an affordable material to use to dress up your project, and the best part is, its available in a variety of shreds and colors!

At County Line Supply Yard, we provide dyed mulch in chocolate, cherry brown, red, or black. We also offer contractor’s double-ground mulch and premium dark double-ground mulch. No matter what kind or color you choose, your home or garden will pop with color and grow healthily.  
Dyed Mulch Pittsburgh, PA
Yard Mulch Pittsburgh, PA

Yard Mulch & More

Mulch is extremely beneficial to gardens in the Pittsburgh area because we have hot summers and freezing cold winters. Mulch holds in moisture, controls soil-temperature changeability, and comes in all different types. 

If you're in the market for some rich, vibrant mulch to help accent your home or business and set your landscaping apart, then look no further than the extensive selection available right here at County Line Supply Yard. We deliver anywhere in the Northern Pittsburgh area, and all of our mulch is available by the truckload. Call us today to ask about our pricing. And while you're at it, ask about our other products such as limestone, river gravel and topsoil!
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