Topsoil Delivery for the Pittsburgh, PA Region

No lawn can reach its full potential without the proper soil to facilitate growth. With the help of the professional team at County Line Supply Yard, you'll get the perfect soil for the type of lawn you want, leaving your neighbors green with envy. If you want to have the best yard in the neighborhood, you need the perfect dry, screened topsoil or mushroom compost. Trust us!

Topsoil is very beneficial for plants as it promotes healthy plant growth and root structures. It’s rich in nutrients and also helps stop erosion. If you want your greenery and flowers to grow lush and healthy, consider filling your garden with fresh topsoil. Whether you are a landscaping contractor or an individual working on their garden, we offer topsoil delivery services!
Topsoil Delivery Pittsburgh, PA
Mushroom Compost Pittsburgh, PA

Mushroom Compost 

If you need mushroom compost, we have that, too. Mushroom compost is an organic plant fertilizer made of hay, straw, horse manure, and several other materials. It can be used for lawns and gardens, as it enriches the soil and provides a good source of nutrients to plants. You can use mushroom compost for your vegetable garden, flower bed, or fruits; it’s an affordable product that helps produce healthy plant life. 

Call us today to place your topsoil delivery order or see what we have by stopping by!
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